I am a data analyst
& data visualization engineer
turning your data into
web-based data-driven
visualization projects.

I’m a dataviz cowboy, riding through D3.js mountains, looking for beauty and wonderful data-driven storytelling.

Born and raised in Galicia, I studied Physics at Santiago de Compostela University, Spain, diving afterwards into the unfathomable mysteries of oceanography, achieving an MSc. in Applied Physical Oceanography at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK, and a PhD. in Ocean Climate Modelling in Paris, France.

Ever since I have invested my time into the graphic currency, embracing infographics and modern data visualization tools. Beyond that, I love theatre plays, sharp dialogues and old printed posters, from classic operas to 1972 Olympics’ design.

You can find me in the deep rural Galician countryside, renovating an old barn hidden in the woods.